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Two days more, please.

Here's the deal: I'm lacking of photoshop. My computer was revamped and basically, I don't have any graphic design software in my pc at the moment which means I can't resize pictures or make any decent collage for the blog. I thought I could fix it tonight, but my computer decided to act quite annoying and seems like I'll be making my comeback in a couple of days yet. Stay tunned, you'll be hearing from me in the next days (;

4 comentarios:

syd vicious dijo...

Yay, I've missed your posts! :)

Bia dijo...

I see that you had been to paris. I'm going there this summer. I'm so excited about it!

kiss, bia.

marta dijo...

If you want, you can go to this link where you can edit your pics free.

Erika Dizon dijo...

Can't wait. :)

<3 Erika