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Now I'm in Peru.

I came back yesterday. I still don't get rid of the jet lag and probably won't until next week. Feels good to be back home with such amazing experiences, these have been definitely the best vacations ever. Here are some pictures I wanted to share with you. I'm also considering making a more fashion related post (about the stuff I bought), but that could take a little longer because I need to take some pictures before. I have to attend uni tomorrow, so I'll go to bed and see what happens. Hope you enjoy the pictures!, x.

U-bahn Station

Berlinale film festival

Jewish memorial

Sign at Checkpoint Charlie

I tried to do some ice skating, but, obviously, I failed.

Snow in the Kastanien Allee, Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg, again

The wall

A meter of beer at the Lindenbräu Rundschau (Potsdamer Platz)

Graffitis in Hamburg

The Alster, Hamburg

FranceEiffel Tower

Arc de Triomphe

Jim Morrison's grave at the Père-Lachaise Cemetery

Pompidou centre

Notre Dame

Inside the Château de Versailles

Very Tempting desserts

Best perfume ever created

Buckingham Palace - Change of guards

Some pub in Oxford

A work of art by David Mach in Kingston

Tower Bridge

Abbey Road

The sun on my face

Near the Watershed area

Door of the Louisiana (Pub), Bristol

Bishop's Palace, Wells.

The Royal Crescent, Bath

Salsa dancing lessons in Cheltenham

21 comentarios:

Rita dijo...

Me encantan las fotos! Todas, todas, todas. Se nota que la pasaste buenísimo, me alegro! Aunque ya extrañaba tus posts, jeje.

Bienvenida de regreso :D

ViCtoria* dijo...

¡Bienvenida de regreso! :) Todas las fotos están geniales, espero verte prontito en la PUCP.

¡Un beso!

JangMa dijo...

now you just make me jealous! German is AWESOME~

Anónimo dijo...

Prenzlauer !! Oowwww, I miss this. Can't wait to go back there !
Lovely pictures, really !!!
We missed you ;D

shopgirl28 dijo...

It looks gorgeous.

syd vicious dijo...

Oh yay you're back! Your vacation looks amazing! I love all the pictures :)

Imelda dijo...

Looks like you had a wonderfull time! I wish I was able to go on a little worldtrip!
I can't wait to see the fahion related post!

Jimena dijo...

tus fotos estan muy bonitas ... que hermoso debe ser europa ...
espero en algun futuro lejano ..poder ir tambien ..jajaja

Anónimo dijo...



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Blicious dijo...

great pics!!!! cute blog!

CapuccinoB. dijo...

Yo estuve en Bath! Ese sitio es preciso! Y viste el victoria's park?
Es super bonito


Kira Fashion dijo...


I love your photos! I really wanna do this trip´next year!
Amazing all that you have seen, Thanks so much for this great post!

kisses and kisses!!


Irene dijo...

you're so lucky! Paris is beautiful!! ^^

black vanilla rose dijo...

All your photos are so lovely and crisp!! I especially love that one in the snow, so pretty xx

Puebla Chic dijo...

abbey road!! jim morrison grave!!! wow!! se ve q te fue genial!

Vintage Tea dijo...

Great pictures! Loved them all

Please click here to visit me at Vintage Tea!


Song of Style dijo...

amazing photographs. so jealous u get to travel!
and i heart thsoe red drs!

Eli dijo...

how awesome! Im going in a month and this makes me more excited!

femme fatal dijo...

raiiisa, que increibles las fotos!!!
cuidate :)

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Grace dijo...

browsing through your awesome site. I LOVE ROGER & GALLET PERFUME!!!