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Feels like time is running.

Hello everyone. This will be a quick post just to let you know that I'm doing fine. At the moment, I am in London. After coming back from Paris I spent almost a week in Berlin and yesterday (Tuesday) I arrived to the Gatwick airport. I had a late arrival, so I'm really curious of how the city looks, because I haven't seen anything but inside the trains yet. Germany's shops are really great, I did a lot shopping there and now I'm afraid my lugagge will exceed the 20 Kg limit and my hand baggage will also weight more than the 10 Kg that KLM allows me to take back to Lima. I've made quite a lot of shopping because I came with only a 18 kg bagagge. I think I'm gonna end up my body cremes or leave them and probably, some clothes too. I don't know what to do really, I want to take everything with me :(

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tis serendipity dijo...

Good to hear that you're having fun! =) Well perhaps you could try sending stuff back by post. Might work though it'll be a little costly but better than leaving any of your stuff behind.

brooke dijo...

you could try sending stuff back, as the previous person said! but yeah, maybe check if it would be more expensive to pay for extra baggage, or send it home... hmm.

hope youre having fun, good luck with the dilemma!

Brooke xx

Cathy Voyage dijo...

Maybe you can send a package to Lima with clothes you don't need anymore but don't want to throw away!

Anónimo dijo...

Oh god, luggage problem, always annoying ! ;D
I'm really glad you're enjoying all of this ! :D

Anónimo dijo...









Jimena dijo...

cuando regresas? quiero ver tus compras!

Anónimo dijo...

enjoy london
visit topshop for def!


Fabi dijo...

luggage trouble...horrible! hope you work things out!!....you must be having a blast, shopping in london and germany? jealous!! heehee..make sure to show us your purchases!! =D


Jimena dijo...