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Find what you love (but don't let it kill you).

Believe it or not, I don't suffer while making collages of pieces with outrageous price tags and whose look-alikes will be a little challenging to find in my country. I think it has to do with the fact I'm not fashion obsessed. Although I do enjoy dressing up a lot, I'm usually conscious about spending money (quality and cut are key factors when I invest in a piece of clothing) and strongly believe style is not about throwing away massive loads of money on the clothes that are "in" right now (that would be more like being a fashion slave), but about mixing, matching and being creative. Having said that, here's a collage I've made of some items I consider quite unique and wouldn't mind having if their costs didn't affect my budget that much.

1. Tulle Iris skirt, Camilla and Marc
2. Zip seam denim short, Reformed for Urban Outfitters
3. Striped mohair-blend sweater, Marc Jacobs
4. Boxy stripe pullover sweater, BDG
5. Studded tote bag, Novella Royale
6. Ring, Matina Aminita
7. Multi Buckle wedge booties, Chloë Sevigny for Open Ceremony

8 comentarios:

cici dijo...

amen! totally like nearly all the things u posted.. =)

Anónimo dijo...

I agree with your thinking but these are really unbelievable... especially the shirts, I should try some DIY perhaps...
Chloé Sevigny are also to die for !

Pit dijo...

Gracias a tí por tu comentario! jeje
La verdad es que me encanta escribir sobre moda, aunque no es mi tema predilecto, siempre encuentro un hueco para mencionar algo con respecto a eso.
Ah, y el polo no lo he diseñado yo! Jajaja es del propio Karl Lagerfeld, y me imagino que sólo se venderá en París, y por una buena cantidad de dinero... Por eso decidí hacerme el mío propio :)
Un beso, te sigo;)

fiorella dijo...

1, 2 y 4... que increible tener esas piezas, me encantan!!

Fashionside dijo...

Gracias por el comentario, me alegra que te guste, cada post que hago aun lo hago con miedo! :), pero bueno. la moda es algo que siempre me ha fascinado y el blog es algo que he querido hacer desde hace mucho tiempo.
Ah si y ahora mismo sigo tu blog, esta lindo .


Julia dijo...

Love all the things you posted, but I'm particularly dying for the chloe sevingy for opening ceremony boots!


Es dijo...

I completely agree. Style is not all about money.
And Im dying for the bag, the boots, and the sweater!

Jelqing Technique dijo...

That's true, style is not all about money, you can dress good without money.