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Knit parade

Although, in Peru, we're in Spring, it isn't that hot. At midday, is kind of hot, but it gets cold by the evening. That's why I'm not giving up on cardigans & other sweaters until probably December, when we instead of snow, as we see in almost every Christmas movie, have a hot hot weather (It's quite disappointing, i know). I also love cardigans, because i gain a lot of weight when it's fall [you know, lots of chocolates and sweets ;)] and they hide my belly =P
Can't remember which collection each of these dresses belongs to, and i have to say I'm too lazy to make a research =$ .
(credit: style.com)

Many celebrities seem to know, cardigans are hot right know and got their own in their favourite colours. Fun to see, as we saw quite a lot of black & grey on the runway.

Nicky Hilton, Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson & Sienna Miller

Sophia Bush, Lauren Conrad, Keira Knightley, Jennifer Garner & in the last pictures, Vanessa Hudgens rocking her American Eagle long cardigans.

Nicole Richie, Mischa Barton & Sienna, again

14 comentarios:

cotton candy dijo...

ooh - the love of cardigans. if i could, i would grab my hands on each cardigan that you posted up!! and lol, i eat a lot of sweets and junk even in summer.

Lynn dijo...

hey the chloe cardigan would pair well with your gold leggings! Have you worn them yet?

emsie dijo...

i need to get some cardigans!
making me feel quite cold actually!

lovely post as always


MOLLY GRAY dijo...

oh here in argentina is terrible hot! i don't know why.. maybe because here is were the biggest hole of the atmospher is.. or at least i think so.. i read it once...
love misha's outfit..

Meg dijo...

I love thick cable knits. Just the thought of one makes me feel all warm and wintery!
I hope your exams went well!

Aretha dijo...

Me encantan esos tejidos tan sueltos, apropiados para un look relajado pero elegante a la vez. Super lindos

muze1990 dijo...

I love cardigans, but always as I walk in the H&M I can't find them. So frustrating! But maybe today, if I'm gonna search real good!

I love the cardigans from Jessica Parker, Keira and Vanessa's whole outfit :). Nice post!

muze1990 dijo...

Hehe, Jessica Simpson that is :P!

discothequechic dijo...


yes, I'm really into oversize jumpers for the autumn/winter (I'm actually wearing my lovely funnel neck one now...)

Particularly love the Stella McCartney one...shoulder pads!
And the one that is very similar which I think (don't quote me on this..) may be Alice Roi?

Mischa's skull cardy is lovely too, very modern christmas!


coco dijo...

I love your blog
the layout and colours are so cute
I'm loving all the chunky knits as well
Keira looks nice in her baggy one

Vintage Bunny dijo...

I love cardigans too!And its beacuse of my belly too!!!

LML dijo...

omg I am a cardigan JUNKIE! they just go with everything and depending on the material, can go with every season! GREAT POST! and im drooling over the cargigan choices - i want them all!

Anónimo dijo...

Jessica Simpson is getting more stylish.
My favorite is Keira =]
I need to get lots of cardigans!

Viagra Online dijo...

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