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The best of spring 2008 runway

I really wanted to make a post about the spring collections for 2008, but as there are many sites out there which made a great job writing about it and posting pictures, I decided to make my review in a little different way so you don't get bored by reading or watching stuff you've already heard/read/seen. This post is all about the stuff i find more interesting in some of my favourite collections for next year, I tend to focus on just one thing of each, but you'll see some cases where I post pictures of more than one thing. This took a while to make indeed, so hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it ;)

Alexander McQueen
These short shorts really caught my eye. I'm not sure about if ever dare to wear something like that, but they're certainly lovely. I have no idea about how to call that piece of fabric hanging from the waist (images 2 & 3) but it definitely makes everything look so much cooler.

Christian Lacroix
Bangles are the ideal accessory for a summer/spring they, aren't they?. As thin bracelets are everywhere, they're getting so common and maybe boring, so i see bangles as a new fun option.

Oh chanel, chanel, chanel. I couldn't made up my mind here so I'm posting three pictures of the stuff i consider the coolest. First, the ankle little bag is in almost every outfit on the chanel runway, it's such an innovative idea. Stars are everywhere. And last but not least, that quilted bag is to die for, so pretty.

Anna Sui
I'm in love with her collection for spring next year, is definitely on my top 5 favourites. It's just so different of what she's done before. If I had to post about my favourite outfits from this collection, I think it would be so hard to choose, because i almost like them all. Another thing that called my attention is the models' hair, so punk. Bright colour hair extensions are perfect for this collection., it couldn't be better i think.

At starters I wasn't sure about this collection because I didn't know if it was wearable enough, but then it grew up on me and now I like it, not as much as fall's, but i still find it gorgeous and original. I can't wait to see somebody wearing anything from this. Maybe the Olsen sisters?

Andrew Gn
Flowers and nature are perfect themes for spring, right?. He's one of the few designers who went for this theme and I have to say I love it, specially how he's not only using flowers as a recurse, but a lot of green leaves.

Zac Posen
Ccrimpled Hair? like hair in waffles? I'm in!. When i was 12 I always told the the hairdresser to do a little bit of this on my hair and by seeing this I think I'll try it again now I'm a little bit older.

I've seen many one sleeve dresses but none as pretty as the ones from this collection. After so many strapless dresses, these are a fresh new option to make a change. They're just so elegant and sexy at the same time, never looks cheap.

Emilio Pucci
Aren't these bags the coolest ever? Ohmygod, yes, they are. I love geometric prints, they're fun. I can see young Hollywood pulling it off, probably Nicole Richie.

Giambattista Valli
Heels. Let me see, which image comes to my head when i see hot stripper heels like these? Obviously, it's Posh, they're perfect for her. Wish I could walk on these!, they're def. nice.

Christian Dior
For the next season, Dior's offering a masculine and sober look. It's not very different of what we've seen before, but those top hats are pretty rad. I think it's the end of fedoras, finally ;).

Viktor & Rolf
Music had to be the inspiration for this collection and violins are perfect for decoration. Unfortunately, even if violins are so cute and everything, big violins as necklaces are not very wearable in the real life. Maybe a small version of it? ;).

Marc by Marc Jacobs
I love Marc by Marc Jacobs collection but I'm not sure about the Marc Jacobs collection itself. Anyways, I can't deny those two-coloured shoes seem so comfy and pretty, I wouldn't mind owning a pair myself.

Karl Lagerfeld
Karl seems to have a thing for neon, black and pointy stuff this season. Pretty rad, huh?. Yeah, I know the first girl kinda looks like The Statue of Liberty with that headband on but I still like it.

Everyone has been talking about them and I'm not an exception. The thick-rimmed reading glasses, also known as "geeky glasses" are such a dream come true. Luella's collection is one of my favourites, because it's wearable and cute: tons of floral print blouses, batman icons & short skirts. I'll ask some auntie of mine if they still keep their old big square glasses so they can give them to me (:

J. Mendel
I bet we'll see many of his dresses on the red carpet for the next months. The dresses are amazing, wish I could post more pictures, I had a hard time choosing just three pictures i liked. Anyways, he has the cutest long dresses of the whole spring08 runway, i swear.


Examinations start on Monday and end up on Saturday, day i guess i'll be able to post again and return comments. So, until then, goodbye. I really wish i could return comments right now, but it's almost 2 am and i have to wake up early tomorrow to finish studying. Hopefully, I'll return them tomorrow if I don't finish my reading too late.

Lots of love. Wish me luck =$

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MOLLY GRAY dijo...

i love alexander mcqueen.. amazing!

muze1990 dijo...

This is a very original post! Really like it! And it doesn't show what all the other fashionblogs already shown! Like the ankle bags, I never noticed them in the collection. And I never read about Andrew Gn, but his collection is really good, really spring! And then those shorts from McQueen, to die for! Hopefully H&M will pick this on up for their collection! Oh I can go on and on about every single collection, but then this comment is gonna be too long :P.

LML dijo...

im in love with this post!
you did an AMAZING job and yes i had as much fun reading as you did making it! i love how you grouped everything together and pulled out the major trends of each collection! BRAVO!

Anónimo dijo...

Nice idea for this post!
I don't think I could pull of the Luella glasses, so I'm going to stick to the smaller thick framed glasses XP
I love the hair at Zac Posen. I've been looking for my crimper from 6th grade :D

WendyB dijo...

Love the Dior hats. Good luck with exams.

penelope dijo...

omg i love this post!!! it's so so different and fresh!!!! haha i wish i could comment on every single thing but at muze said, i'll go on forever=p haha!!

luella rocks my lil toes!!!!!!

anyhow thanks for d comment! haha glad u loved it!!!


Jennifer dijo...

nice coverage
the emilio pucci bags are so stunning I really want one
chanel confused everybody it seems but I really liked it, it was funky but chic at the same time!

Romeika dijo...

Loved loved loved Andrew Gn pieces! Good luck with the exams!

evie dijo...

i love luella and the marc by marc jacobs collections too. good luck with the exams! :)

alexgirl dijo...

Awesome post. You put so much eye candy in here, I hardly know where to start! I love those short shorts. You'd never catch me wearing them, but I think they're fantastic.
And I love the flowery stuff by Andrew Gn. I don't know any of his stuff but will definitely be keeping an eye out now!

Ana dijo...

i hope some smaller victor and rolf inspired necklaces appear in f21!
good luck on your exams!

fashionistakay dijo...

Chanel, Balenciaga, and J.Mendel are my top three. Chanel's details are exquisite along with Balanciaga. And I love how Mendel's clothing is so flowy and beautiful. Can't imagine what it would be like to wear a J Mendel dress-must be so great for celbs and the rich.lol. nice post. I haven't heard of Andrew Gn, but he has nice designs.

discothequechic dijo...

Great post, Aisha, you certainly managed to pull of making it interesting despite all the fashion week coverage.

McQueen is a genius.. I love the shorts even if they do graze in hoof territory...

S xx

cotton candy dijo...

i love leulla's collection. and black rimmed glasses are oh-so-cool!!

Kira Fashion dijo...

You really got almost all the great looks from the season!

a kisss

coco dijo...

great post
i love the McQueen bangles and the Pucci shoes

Aretha dijo...

Me encantaron los zapatos de Marc Jacobs, los colores de Pucci, la onda de Balenciaga y los vestidos de Andrew... Super inspiradores. Y Agyness con ese pelo, se ve muy bien

Lynn dijo...

Love the Pucci bags. All the best in your exams!

Bojana dijo...

Great post!! So nice and enjoyable. Very pleasant to look at. And to read, too, of course :)

-S dijo...

i could not agree more on your picks!

Jennifer dijo...

I'm loving the bangles and the crimped hair!

blog soon:)

miss *ann dijo...

christian lacroix and luella. loveee them.

Eli dijo...

great review! :)

emsie dijo...

fabulous post
i loved luella and marc jacobs most i think. but there are so many pictures to browse through!