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Hello everyone. After less than a month, I'm finally back. My examinations ended yesterday at 6pm and yes that means my vacations started yesterday's afternoon. Well, I'm not totally free right now, because I have to write this essay about the movie "The hours" for my cinema class and the presentation is on Wednesday. Anyways, I think I did good on my exams, the one I'm worried/nervous the most about is America's history (not USA's, I mean America as a continent... I have no idea why everytime I say "America" people think I'm just saying USA, I guess is that people are used to say "Americans" when they wanna talk about somebody who's from the USA because it's easier, well, i actually have no idea so correct me if i'm wrong), but I still think I'll pass, because my previous grades at the subject were good.

I'll be attending Soda Stereo's (a rock band from Argentina) concert tomorrow and it's gonna be HUGE. Last month we had Bjork here, but i didn't go, because i don't know that many of her songs. Oh, btw, Owen Wilson's here =P... well, not here in Lima (where i Live) but in Cuzco (lovely place) doing some charity.

Well, you guys were right about keeping this site as a way of keeping my mind off of the stuff i decided to share with you on my very very very personal previous post.

I have some ideas on mind for the next posts I'm working at but I still would love to hear some of your ideas. Uh, by the way, new layout up, hope you like it, the picture is from Anais Anais campaign.

Thanks for everyone who commented at my site even if i hadn't commented back. You guys are so great, i actually thought i would have less than 10 visits, and i was shocked when I saw over 20 people's feedback and over 30 hits a day, even when i was 'gone'.

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Ana dijo...


and what a coinkidink....a few hours ago i checked your page to see if there was a new post.

discothequechic dijo...

I thought you were leaving for good!
What a plesant surprise. I'm sure you did well in your exams if you feel good about them..

..not let the posting commence!

And how cool! An essay and presentation about the Hours? Now I wish I was doing cinema studies!

Last summer I stayed in the hamlet that Virginia Wolf and her husband lived in, and actually I went for a walk along "that river" and visited her home. Very interesting story.

Anyway, I digress, but glad you're back!

LML dijo...

yay im really happy you're back!

glad to hear everythings going better :) cant wait till your next post!

la Belle et la Bête dijo...

yes! glad to here your back
I missed your fantastic posts.
happy everythings starting to come together for you.

Cool Urbanite. dijo...

Welcome back!! :D
Looking forward to your new posts!

Bojana dijo...


Welcome back

Poshpalette dijo...

do a post on geek gods.

sara dijo...

oh how lucky you are to be over with exams!

x sara o

Yes, indie films are hard to get into many theaters, it's actually not playing in any Atlanta (city I live in) theaters, which is sad

miss *ann dijo...


Aretha dijo...

Que bueno que has vuelto! Pense que tardarías más, pero me alegro que lo hayas hecho antes. Así que has tenido muchos conciertos? El otro día fui a The Police en Santiago, estuvo buenísimo. Me alegra que los artistas ahora se atrevan a venir más seguido a Latinoamérica

Anónimo dijo...

hola aisha!
es un gusto que pases por mi blog y sobre todo que te tengamos de vuelta :) y tienes muchas razon, para mi tambien es dificil encontrar fashion blogs mexicanos, de hecho, solo he encontrado uno :S, espero que pronto tengamos mas suerte con eso!

que bueno que ya regresaste!
ah y quiero que sepas que viendo el post que hicieste sobre el fleco y las lindas fotos que pusiste que io me anime a cortarme el mio!!

un besooo

evie dijo...

welcome back! and i like you new layout too. hope you'll be posting about the concert too :)

penelope dijo...

OMG!! u;re back!!!!!! wow!!!! YAY!!

Tru dijo...


la petite fashionista dijo...

i'm glad your back! can't wait to see future posts<3

Lynn dijo...

Hey you!! Thanks for informing me you're back! Trust you'll do great in the exams. I've been out of the radar too, but will keep a low profile while I'm around. Major changes in life haha.

I love the new banner (Anais Anais reminds me of my mom), and ditto to the hand drawn palm - very original.

Keep us entertained like you always do!

fReSiTa dijo...

oh! u again!!!!! EEEEEE esperaba un nuevo post seeeh!!! .... mi cero tiempo!! waaa pero igual te veo y leo xD!! te recomiendo bacherolete de bjork buenisima cancion! (opinion subjetiva clarO!)aparte de vOlta su nueva produccion ehehe ...

R.A.I.S.A volvio wiiiiii !!!!