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Plaid fabrics: Kurt Cobain would be proud...

The latest fabric to dress yourself in is plaid. We've seen it on the runway and even, some celebrities have been spotted wearing some plaid items. I love Kurt Cobain (since Nirvana is one of my all-the-time favourite bands and he's just too cute) and of course, when i first saw the plaid shirt trend on celebrities it immediately reminded me of him.

Several designers showed how cool plaid is right now on their collections. Here you have some pictures.
Up: All of them are from Moschino Down (left to right): Zac Posen, Marc Jacobs, Burberry, Balenciaga and Luella

Young Hollywood girls decided to add a little plaid to their outfits by wearing 'boyfriend' shirts, and the result looks pretty rad, huh? This is definitely the way to rock plaid in a normal day. Remember, Plaid shirts are a MUST piece for the season ;)

Mk Olsen, Lindsay Lohan, Rachel Bilson, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba & Ashley Olsen

Some plaid pieces I wouldn't mind having :) ... Teen choice awards will be transmited here today at 9pm for the first time on E!. That sucks, because everyone has already seen them =(. Anyways, I'll still watch them=) and will do a fashion review of it (=, ehrm, maybe.


The Lovely Alexa, who runs Today I like, tagged me:

So, keeping the "tradition" i should tag five more blogs I love =), so here it goes:

Whimsical Delights: The site has the nicest pictures and most of them were taken by the webmiss, cotton-candy. The site totally rocks and I also love her header, you should check it out.

Mahalo Fashion: I just had to tag her! (=, her site's soooo cool. Jennifer updates frequently and keep us informed about the stuff celebrity is wearing. I really like her site and admire her work. I have no idea if she's been already tagged, but I had to tag her.

Jottings of a fashionista: I just started visiting that site a few days ago and immediately loved it. Emsie writes in a very simple, cool and informative way that keeps me tunned, always love her posts.

Dear old Hollywood: This blog is written in my first language, spanish. It's a cool site where Audrey shares her feelings and life, I enjoy reading it indeed. She's is waaaay nice, plus she always comments on my site and i really appreciate that (=

Casi famosa: I really love that site, is so fresh and it has loads of nice pictures and the webmiss has a great fashion taste.


I'll return comments asap, Thanks everyone ;) and hope you enjoy the post.


19 comentarios:

coco dijo...

im loving rachel bilsons take on it
infact all the celebs seem to be working this look perfectly
normally with trends you get some celebrities that totally kill it

muze1990 dijo...

I love the way Rachel combined her plaid shirt. Very simple, but yet exciting with the beanie. I'm looking for a good beanie for a couple of days now!

And I love my new red plaid shirt from H&M!

emsie dijo...

i do love plaid, especially the luella dress. i do like the oversized shirts that celebs are wearing.

oh wow! thank you so much for tagging me :D - if i had been tagged by someone else, than i would have definitely tagged you. you're blog is brilliant!


Ana dijo...

i think plaid is great-the whole english boarding school connotation appeals to me. i loved last years Luella collection. and that marc jacobs dress is adorable. i remember seeing mk (i think) with scarggly hair, a big plaid button down,tights and uber high balenciaga shoes.

cotton candy dijo...

oh gosh!! eek!! *claps and gasps* thank you for the award!! im so happy that you enjoy my blog!! ^^ you make me so cheerful!! =D

meanwhile, plaid - ah...i remember the days when i had to wear plaid skirts to high school everyday for the past 7 years. lol.

Audrey R. dijo...

WUAAAAAAA.Muchas graciassssssssss.Really, mi madre me dió otro rokin , pero como era su hija , pues mucho mérito no tenía .
Pero muchassssss graciasss ...



Tru dijo...

I love this title it is just too awesome for words

Romeika dijo...

Hola Aisha! Sí, hablo español, pero no he concluido mi curso en Brasil... He estado en la escuela de lengua solamente dos semestres, mientras el curso es de tres años. Tal vez yo empieze un curso avanzado de español en 2008, mas por ahora yo puedo praticar un poco con los estudiantes de Sudamérica (conozco personas de Chile, Peru, Argentina etc) en la escuela de danés.

Bueno..ahora voy a escribir en inglés:-) I like the plaids trend! Though it's not like the grunge plaids (some of the stars dress more like preppy plaid *lol*), it's pretty interesting. I adore Jessica Alba's look.

Thanks for ur comment, and yeah, i really do some research in many of the posts, it takes a while until they're finished. Glad you appreciate my effort!

Congrats on the award, and i agree with your choices, i love Jennifer and Cotton Candy's blog, the third one, i've known for a couple of days and i've already bookmarked it. Gonna take a look on the spanish written ones. ^^


Fabi dijo...

tu blog no deja de impresionarme! yo soy una fan del plaid, el vestido de marc jacobs esta para morirse!!!!

Kira Fashion dijo...

I love plaid patterns!!!
and i really liked kurt :)

great post as always!


LML dijo...

i want a plaid shirt! lumberjacks rule :P
and i also want that marc jacobs dress

Aretha dijo...

Me encantan las telas escocesas, son tan bonitas y elegantes, las he usado desde siempre...las camisas, quizas en mi época media grunge

Daphne dijo...

i love kurt's grunge style!and that luella dres was gorgeous!


discothequechic dijo...

Loving plaid so so much...

I bought myself a large oversize men's one a few weeks back. It's so easy to wear, and very pleasing to the eye!

S xx

discothequechic dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
discothequechic dijo...

oops, commented twice!

S xx

penelope dijo...

haha!! the celebs jus look so so fab!! haha!!

somehow.. it's just too easy to look lyk a farmer lyk ty did in clueless...

owell; i love love the look!!!!!!

haha anyhow thanks for d comment(: u're so nice!! haha!


Gloria dijo...

i just love plaid...and i love how every winter they say it's "in" again! lol

In Yr Fshn dijo...

Oh, that plaid Marc Jacobs dress is perfect. It looks vintage-y but has such a nice modern shape.