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7 random facts

The lovely Cotton-candy from Whimsical Delights tagged me to write down seven facts about me =), which is brilliant as inspiration didn't came out for a new post and this is fun to do.

1. I love cat eyes, but not in Amy Winehouse.

2. I went to a boys and girls private school. We had no uniform and they allowed us to wear everything but skirts, belly shirts (which i loathe, by the way), shorts and jewerly.

3. I have a 13-year-old sister called Ximena, who actually believes I don't love her at all, although I do. You know, teenage angst.

4. I usually put my hands in the air when i dance, just can't help it

5. I borrow clothes from my mom =)

6. I'm short but it doesn't bother me. I'm around 1.60m

7. I love handicraft


The thing is I have to tag seven more people. Thing that i actually don't want to do, because I know some of you have already done this. Anyways, if you haven't, you should totally try it =), it's fun ;) and I'd love to know more about you!


I'll return comments later =), thanks to everyone who commented on my last post =). I really appreciate it.

28 comentarios:

Ana dijo...

cat eyes are so slinky cool! i love reading these posts.

penelope dijo...

i love this post!! haha!! the pictures and all are fabb!!


biba_46 dijo...

i love cat eyes, but not on me!!
besos guapa

WendyB dijo...

I love your photo illustrations of your list! And I love cat eyes, even on Amy Winehouse :-)

discothequechic dijo...

Ooh, I love the eye makeup, it looks so good.

I usually really mess up eye make up when I try to be overambitious! Ha.

S xx

Tru dijo...

I didn't tag anyone either. lol fab facts though

Aretha dijo...

I borrow clothes from my mom too and I love cat eyes :)

alexgirl dijo...

I like cat eyes too.
And I'm glad you like your sister! That was so sweet!

Kira Fashion dijo...

amazing make!

i really need to copy that!

a kisss

coco dijo...

wow you do your eye liner so well
it looked very profesional
i ALWAYS smudge mine

sara dijo...

Those are some awesome facts!
I too borrow clothes from my mom, and am short, but never really feel that short, even around super tall people.

x sara o

*handicrafts are awesome

penelope dijo...

thanks for d comment!! haha!
owell i know right!! seth's(adam) cute. but not exactly mr. darcy material=p haha!! love love him even more whn he's talking to captain oats! haha!

Audrey R. dijo...

Me gustan muchos esos ojos jeje , la verdad es que yo acostumbro a pintármelos así a menudo .



Audrey R

rockandvogue dijo...

long ago that did not happen this way, I hope that estes very well. the photos are prettiest, kisses. it passes through my blog.
ah! ,sorry for my baad english xD.

LML dijo...

i love it: " i love cat eyes, but in not amy winehouse"
i love em too - i do them every day - not over the top but subtle :P

cotton candy dijo...

lol!! borrowing clothes from mum is so fun ayes?? and ooh cat eyes!! i have very tiny squinty eyes and i always feel quite strange wearing eyeliner - does it really make your eyes look bigger?? im a bit new to makeup lol.

Victor dijo...

When i saw that picture immediately i thought "amy winehouse" Without even looking at what you wrote ;). Btw I absolutely love your banner, wish I could make one.


Cris Lazoru dijo...

Cute facts! and the photos to!


Naroniel dijo...

I love cat eyes...well as long as they aren't too extreme!
Cute post! :)

Meg dijo...

Cat's eyes are pretty darn cool, I'm a big fan.

Amy dijo...

fun! great post!

Elle dijo...

I put my arms in the air too! Btw, I've linked you.


miss *ann dijo...

i'm shorter than u, but it doesn't bother me either. "if shorter people ruled the world, there wouldn't be any goddamm war in the first place.." oh wait, is that how it goes?

Daphne dijo...

what a cool post!we got quite a few things in common!

dri_nk dijo...

I'm shorter than you :P
And i dont care either...
ps. I love cat eyes too... And some times i also wear my mom clothes!!!!


Jennifer dijo...

I always wanted to try cat eyes but I've never gotten the chance to, I must remember next time I go out! Lovely post!

cotton candy dijo...

please post more soon!! i miss reading your posts!!

Fabi dijo...

are those your eyes!!! how in the world can you get the liner to look so perfect?!

your mami is so cute!! lastima q la ropa de mi mami no me queda :(

me gusta la forma en q pusiste las fotos junto a los facts