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The day after Christmas.

I don't really want to overextend my speech, so I'll try to be brief. I really hope you had a great time. Christmas is for Catholics a celebration that honors Jesus' birth. I can't say I have a religion, but somehow I believe in God (who is for me the idea of perfection and the answer to all the stuff that we, humans, can't explain yet) and good actions. For me, Christmas seems to be the perfect ocassion to share with our loved ones. That's what this time means for me, having great moments with my relatives and friends. I don't like the idea of Christmas that the media sells, actually I hate it, even when I can't avoid being a little involved in it as I usually buy presents. The idea of Christmas that media sells it's all about wasting large amounts of money on material stuff and I find that generates great inequity to the detriment of the ones who can't spend a lot of money on gifts. In one way, it was awesome because I knew I was going to have a great time with my parents, sister, cousins and aunts, people I really care about; but, in the other hand, it was sad because while I knew I was going to drink a good wine and eat turkey that same night (which I can't refuse and even if I did, that wouldn't solve anything of the said before), I saw kids, disabled and old people on the big avenues selling Santa beanies or candies and was conscious they wouldn't have my luck that night and that I must be grateful for every thing I've got.

I have not said all of this because I believe I have deeper thoughts than others. Not at all. I just wanted to let you know how lucky your position is on this world, because I don't think you're nearly close to being poor and have to work on the streets on Christmas eve, right?

Having said that, I hope you had a beautiful time.
Hope I didn't bore you, but encouraged you to make a change (I'm sure you'll find a way).

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CapuccinoB. dijo...
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CapuccinoB. dijo...

Que cierto, a veces ni nos damos cuenta de todo lo que tenemos.
Que pases unas genialisisisimas fiestas Aisha.

Un beso!

PD: La del comentario de arriba he sido yo, que se me ha rallado el ordenador, jeje

marta dijo...

Estoy muy de acuerdo con lo que escribiste, es triste que no toda la gente pueda celebrar bien, pero asi es este mundo y lo que hay que desear es que alguna vez todos podamos ser felices y que las diferencias no existan.

Rita dijo...

Es cierto eso que escribes, y qué bueno que hayas tomado parte de tu tiempo para ir más allá de lo que generalmente se dice en los blogs sobre la Navidad, y hacernos reflexionar sobre una parte humana y social muy importante que es necesario tener en cuenta en cualquier época del año.


syd vicious dijo...

Very well said.

Flavia M. dijo...

cute photos, i love the xmas tables, they look so adorable.

The Clothes Horse dijo...

Beautiful post. I am religious. I often need to remind myself how lucky I am. :)

emsie dijo...

your photographs are beautiful.