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Guess who's back...

Look everyone! Coloured Bleu has changed its name and appearance. Well, actually I'm the responsible for that. I know I said the new name would contain the word 'mishmash', but in the end it didn't work well. I'm good at giving nicknames, but when it's about being serious, I really suck. So, this new name costed me a couple hours before sleeping for the last couple of days. I don't know if it's the greatest out there (I didn't mean it to be really), but I feel like it's more me. I've always been so far from being the bomb (even somehow some people seem to like me and my sense of humour) and as I'm usually attracted to extreme words, I'd rather call myself a nerd than a preppy party girl. Nerds, believe or not, have more fun when it comes to fashion, in my opinion, and there is my favourite all the time collection - SS 08 Luella (comics, oversized glasses, cardigans... what else could be smarter than that?) - to prove it. The fact is that I really like fashion, probably in a geeky, reasonable, sober-headed way (would never consider myself a shopaholic or anything like that). So yeah, that's basically the explanation behind Nerdy, pero trendy. By the way, pero (spanish) = but (english) = aber (deutsch).

Tell me your toughts on the new name, and of course, on the new layout. As i said before, Nerdy, pero trendy is not a different site or a new beginning, it's the same site, with the same energy and enthusiasm, but with a different tittle. That's it. I also wanna thank you all for your support comments, you're such great people and I 'm so glad to have you as daily visitors, I couldn't be luckier than this.

Here's a couple of pictures of me I took the other day (God save the timer!). I don't usually post close-ups of my face, but let's stop the pretentious posing and mystery and what the hell... here's me (ignore the glasses, I swear I didn't put them on to make the new site's name justice). Have a great new year's eve! I'll tell you about mine later (;

35 comentarios:

Ana dijo...

Nerdy but Trendy. I like that. My friend always calls me a fashion geek. :P

I'm adding you to my links now.

getting-freaky dijo...

thanks for telling me. and thanks for your comment. i really like this blog. and nice pics.xxx

Rita dijo...

Me encanta la nueva imagen! Y el nombre también, de hecho, así me identifico aún más con tu blog, pues siempre me he considerado una súper nerd! Jejeje.

CapuccinoB. dijo...

Si que eres la booomba!!! Me encanta el nombre... nerdy pero trendy. Que chulo!!!

Que monisimo tu vestidito de flores, por cierto.

Un beso!

emsie dijo...

Love the new header and name.
I'll look forward to more posts in the future!


Dina-Dyorre dijo...

Awesome header!


Dear Aisha,

i updated your link
thank you very much
as i can see it, your blog is going great, congratulation
you have your personal touch and people like it

i wish you all the best for 2009

cheers from Paris

Anónimo dijo...

Awww wow. I love the nerdy look, you look wonderful !!
Best wishes by the way x)

Romeika dijo...

the new blog name is quite cool, it does match this supercute photo of yours:-) happy 2009!!!

Molly dijo...

well i like it!
would you like to link exchange?
molly x

Demi dijo...

thank you for the lovely, lovely comment honey!
and pretty photos - I love your glasses!

have an amazing new year!

Kira Fashion dijo...

Hello friend!

I love the changes and the new blog, so great and professional!!!!
Congratulations for all, I know you must worked hard to get this great new blog and layout :)

I already added you too!
And I wish a great new year for you!!

a kiss
from the friend,

marta dijo...

Me gusta el nombre, ademas lo que importa es que a ti te guste. It sounds cool. Que tengas un buen 2009!!!!!!!!!

Imelda dijo...

I like the new name, changed it already on my blog!

Cate dijo...

YAY for nerds! I'm one too! So I love the new name.
Happy New Year!!!

Mona Herbe dijo...

Hola, Aisha!!

Lamentablemente para la blogósfera fashion peruana no soy de aquí. Soy colombiana y vivo en Lima hace rato, pero usualmente, por mi trabajo (soy artista visual y me dedico a ello, además de tener una empresa que se llama La Despensa ) voy y vengo de diversos sitios. Y quizás sea eso lo que desde siempre me ha hecho sentirme más libre para vestirme como me ha dado la gana. Esa sensación de no ser de ninguna parte te ayuda a libertarte de un montón de prejuicios y a no cargar los de cada lugar a los que llegas.

La pasión por la moda me viene desde siempre. Ha sido muy importante en mi trabajo, de hecho he trabajado como fotógrafa de moda aquí en Perú, así como en sesiones de bandas como Sonoradio.

Y para terminar > la moda hace parte de mi universo artístico, algo que me configura y me deja expresarme mientras no tengo un proyecto concreto.

Pd. Gracias por lo del pelo. Lo he tenido de tantos colores y cortes ya, que creo que ahora si me estoy volviendo vieja > quiero el pelo largo y de un color normal.

Un beso

Mona Herbe (alias Claudia Hermosilla)

morena dijo...

Gracias !!
feliz nueva ano !

bare.peppermint.fashions dijo...

thank you for the comment you left on my blog! and i'm so jealous that certain people can pull off those nerdy glasses. i've always wanted to wear fake glasses but i feel like everyone knows they're fake! i'm not confident enough for that yet. but you look great in them!


Anónimo dijo...

I love the header and the name! Perfect for the new year. :D

chocandcinnamon dijo...

I actually speak both, and english too.
Hablas catalán tu?
Me gusta tu camiseta!
Un besito y feliz año nuevo!

net dijo...

oh i love the last shot!

Ashley dijo...

the layout is quite nice my dear,, although i never saw the old one.
and i just KNEW you were going to say LUELLA! intellectuals like fashion too!

fashionista dijo...

Love the blog! And the glasses look fabulous.

The Stylish Wanderer dijo...

OMG! I LOVE those glasses! amazing! the outfit with the flowers and tiers and geek glasses remind me of luella SOOO much!

The Stylish Wanderer dijo...

Hey? Wanna trade links?

LoveMore dijo...

cool new name girly!
thanks for your comments and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
and yay for putting up pics of yourself..i was very scared at first about putting up pics too, but i feel blogging is so much more personal once you can put a name to the pictures and stories they express on their blogs...i embrace it now and go for gold with it! hope you do the same! life is too short not to!

look forward to following your blog over the new year :) XXX LM

Song of Style dijo...

aw, congrats!!
u look super cuuuuute!!! hahaha
Happy New Year!

goa india dijo...

you have cool with natural beauty... that makes me wish you a New Year Delight.

Krystal dijo...

very cute! happy 2009! x

Anónimo dijo...


myra dijo...

Hey thanks for dropping by my blog! Your blog name is too cute :-)

Siska dijo...

cute pics!

syd vicious dijo...

I think the new name is great and you are beautiful!!!

Inside the Cabinet of Wonder dijo...

your glasses are fab!! :)

Anónimo dijo...

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