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I love August. There are many factors that turn it into my favourite month of the year. First of all: perfect weather (cold, but not too cold: 14 ºC is not bad, huh?). Second: Lima Book Fair (goes until 4th) & Lima Film Festival (goes from 6th to 14th) welcome us all.

Amo agosto. Hay varios factores que lo convierten en mi mes favorito. Pimero que todo: el clima se pone delicioso (frío, pero no tanto, 14 ºC no está nada mal). Segundo: La feria del libro (que va hasta el 4) y el Festival de cine de Lima (del 6 al 14) nos reciben a todos con brazos abiertos. De cualquier forma, aquí les va mi lista del domingo, como para no perder la costumbre.

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01. A book/Libro: Just started reading "Los detectives salvajes" (Roberto Bolaño, chilean writer)
02. Movies/películas: El aura & El secreto de sus ojos (both with argentinian Ricardo Darin as main actor)
03. A drink/bebida: Strawberry yogurt
04. An album/disco: Feist's "Reminder" album from 2007 (I really want her back in the industry)
05. A website: I'm in love with Design is mine.
06. Nailpolish/Esmalte de uñas: Light purple ('Lila'). The one in the picture is from american apparel.
07. Wishes/antojos: Delicious Bread (Picture from here) & Diana+ dreamy from UO.

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ParisiannSkies dijo...

in england i am craving cold weather! it's hot sometimes and humid or cloudy the rest.


Wow! Great post. I want to read something by bolano soon, I've heard he's great! And I love film festivals. Have fun!

Aisha dijo...

ParisiannSkies: I thought you guys in england were in summer! England has always cazy weather.

Dead fleurette: thanks! can't believe you're back. i love your new blog.