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{ Today's the last day of august }

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Es 6+1. El séptimo mes, mi mes favorito. Temperatura perfecta para disfrutar en estos 31 días que fueron, mitad vacaciones y trabajo, mitad estudios y trabajo. Los primeros 15 días transcurrieron con calma. No llegué a leer todos los libros que quise, ni a ver todas las películas que me hubiera gustado, ni a visitar todas las exposiciones que me interesaban, pero disfruté cuanto mi horario me permitió. Me hice dos promesas. No comprar más cajetillas de cigarros ni aceptar los que me inviten y dejar de tomar bebidas con gas. Adiós Coca Cola Zero (me haces daño). La segunda comenzó el día número dieciséis, un lunes muy temprano. Estaba resfriada y de mal humor, aunque lo disimulaba con habilidad. Comenzaron clases y armé grupos de trabajo para los cursos. Aprobé mi curso de alemán, decidí documentar mi vida más a menudo y no he roto mis promesas (conforme pasa el tiempo todo se vuelve más sencillo).


Today's 6+1. Mi favourite month. Perfect timing during these 31 days, which hapenned to be half work+vacations, half work+uni. The first fifteen days The first 15 days passed quietly. It's true I did not read all the books I wanted, neither saw all the movies that I would have liked or visited all the exhibits that interested me, but I enjoyed life as much as my schedules allowed me to. Made myself a couple of promises: Stop buying cigarrettes and regreting the ones my friends offer me. Stop drinking soda. Goodbye Coca Cola Zero (as delicious as harmful). The second half began on day 16th, a very early Monday. I had a flu and felt moody. I passed my german, I decided to document my life more often and haven't broke my promises (as time passes by it becomes easier to keep them).

3 comentarios:

ParisiannSkies dijo...

sounds like a perfect august.

Anónimo dijo...

I have a problem with Bolaño, but Baudelaire, oh Baudelaire! I'm happy I was born in French speaking country so I can read Baudelaire... how is the Spanish translation by the way?

Aisha dijo...

Parisiann Skies: it was, darling, it really was. Hope yours was perfect as well.

Rossovelvet: A problem with Bolaño? aw :( I find it fun, he uses quite a lot of latin-ameerican references though. Baudelaire's spanish translation is great, we even have one version of Les Fleurs du Mal from editorial "Catedra" that is written in both laguages, french an spanish. Due to my extremely poor french i only grabbed an old book that contained a selection of his best poems and prose. I also found at the library an interesting book by Jean-Paul Sartre called "Baudelaire", in which he makes some interpretations (i'm loving having visitors interested in litearure as you!). x