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Another post about pretty pieces.

They're all from Glue store.

I don't usually wear tees with a message (probably because most of the ones I've seen say stuff like "I'm better than your girlfriend" or "Good kisser") but if I had that young, fabulous & broke one I think the story would be different. Fringed gladiators = perfect match. Those shorts are great, I love light denim and the skirt it's just too pretty not to be noticed (plus sky blue is a very nice shade for summer).

6 comentarios:

Silje dijo...

The blue shorts!=)

Anónimo dijo...

Lol, this is so nice !

ViCtoria* dijo...

Sí, a mí tampoco me gustan los polos con frases por esa razón! Pero hay algunos demasiado buenos o graciosos que encuentras por ahí y que sí provocan comprar :)*

Cate dijo...

Haha! I love slogan tees, but not with slogans like "I'm better than your girlfriend". I have one with Science Rules. I love that ^^ And I love the YOung, Fabulous and Broke one. Because that's what we are ^^

And no, I don't live in Berlin. I live in Hannover, which is a city in the north of Germany. It has about half a million inhabitants.

Bojana dijo...

Fringed gladiators!! Yes yes yes

skale. dijo...

lo quieroooo