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Hair accesories.

I've written before about the rocker version of the headband. I think by then I hadn't realized yet that skinny headbands were just as cool, but they worked better with folk/hippie/boho styles. I specially like how they look tied around the forehead, just like Ashlee and this girl did.

Mischa Barton, Ashlee Simpson & Vanessa Hudgens.

6 comentarios:

Margherita. dijo...

cute header.

i love headbands.

JangMa dijo...

i have hundreds of them now (literally) ^^
love ur blog care to link ?

syd vicious dijo...

I love these headbands, so cute!

LoveMore dijo...

totally cute.

i can't get enough of headbands too, i never throw them out either! they are a good thing to hang on to...

thanks for your sweet comment too hon! :)

love LM xxx

giggleness dijo...

i love those headbands :)

Anónimo dijo...

I like bands but they must be REAAAALLY '7o !
Otherwise I opt for the Blair Waldorf side !