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The bad blogger and the early christmas surprise.

I have to recognize i've been a terrible blogger these last two weeks and I'm sorry for that. The truth is, I've been busy, final exams preparation took all my spare time. Now I've finished my University third year (two years left to go), I'll have more time in my hands to spend online and I'll make it up to you.

Una tiene que reconocer cuando no ha estado lo suficientemente involucrada en algo. Tal parece ser el caso del blog. El quehacer universitario ganó y he estado preparándome y rindiendo exámenes finales. Ahora, finalmente acabado mi sexto ciclo, tengo más horas para dedicarlas a lo que me plazca y gustosamente compensaré mi ausencia.

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On the other hand, seems like the peruvian postal service chose the perfect time for delivering a little price for my effort and finally received my first clothing freebies ever from the lovely Eknam at Sophixtix. She sent me five items from her store which looked exactly as pretty as they did on the website's pictures. The fabrics and quality are perfect as well as the fitting. I couldn't be anymore happy with the pieces, they all look so delicate. I took some pictures I'll share with your next. By the way, the store has just lauched some new items for fall, you must check out asap!

Por otro lado, parece que el servicio postal peruano por fin se animó a hacerme llegar un lindo paquete de parte de la tienda Sophistix. El paquete incluía algunos vestidos y blusas, quedé encantada. Tal parece que los obsequios se adelantaron a las fechas! (recibo regalos de este tipo dos veces al año: navidad y mi cumpeaños!).

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(I was lying in bed and left wrinkles in the dress: sorry for that)

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fashion westie dijo...

I'll forgive you since you posted some awesome clothes! Congrats on scoring the freebies....I like the first and third the best.

GlamDistrict dijo...

Qué buenas compras! Yo tb recibí ayer una camiseta por correo que había comprado! qué ilusión me hace siempre, de verdad.

rosi. dijo...

a mi tambien me mejora el dia cunado llega algo por correo..!

rossovelvet dijo...

Adorable pieces !!
And don't worry for the absence !


great items!!

Anónimo dijo...

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