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Atlanta De Cadenet.

Since this girl first appeared on the cobra snake, everyone is wondering who she is. Some people like to call her the "Rachel Bilson look alike", but the truth is she's Atlanta Noo de Cadenet Taylor and is 17. Atlanta was born in England and her parents are John Taylor (Duran Duran) and Amanda De Cadenet. No doubt, she has a pretty unique style.

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Geebus, she doesnt look 17! Well developed style, me likey!

Anna Jane dijo...

I really like her style. I'm especially loving the 2nd look: the most simple, but wonderful. :)

LAYNE dijo...

I had to take a second glance and i realized that is wasn't rachel bilson. wow I like her style.

great post :)


clo dijo...

she really looks like rachel bilson!!

Es dijo...

I didn't realize she wasn't rachel until I read it(:
I love her style!

Anónimo dijo...

At first sight i thought she was rachel but i look well and after that read hen i notice she don´t.
But i love her style<3

Anónimo dijo...

Ooooh, this makes her SO MUCH more interesting than Rachel !

Duran Duran <3.

Plus her name is FANTASTIC.

Louise dijo...

Oh wow, I was sure that was Rachel Bilson until you said otherwise! She does have great style indeed.

fiorella dijo...

es igualita!
me encanta, al igual que rachel =)

Designer Store dijo...

Thanks for sharing your knowledge

Ashley dijo...

she has great style, she looks way older then 17 tho