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Alexa Chung: Marie Claire September 2009.

Looking "(...) sexy without wearing ass-skimming or boob-flashing clothes". Yes, she mentioned that and it's pretty cool when people remain attached to their beliefs and what they say (as you can see in all the pictures of her posted online), because means they truly meant it. She's Alex Turner's girlfriend. I have a small crush on him (and on Humbug, the latest Arctic Monkey's record, regardless of what the critics have already said about it), but I think my feelings for her outfits are yet deeper than any indie boy crush. Errr maybe I'll reconsider what was said last if a smart, non-snob indie guy appears some time. Any way, that was Alexa looking pretty in the latest Marie Claire's issue.

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3 comentarios:

Monica dijo...

I like these outfits. I haven't watched her show on mtv, but I might have to just to see what she's wearing.

Ale. dijo...

Alexa, me encanta su estilo y que no ande con escotes enseñando todo.

De vez en cuando me pongo a ver su programa es super entretenido!


Anónimo dijo...

I'm diying for this. Especially the last one on the right, this is SO me !!
Plus Alexa has the best voice EVER.
And those legs.