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Factory girl's wardrobe.

Recently I watched Factory girl . It's about Edie Sedgwick. It focuses on her relationship with Andy Warhol, provider of her 'ephemeral' fame. Also, it's pretty much about partying, drugs and Andy Warhol being an arrogant. I was pretty shocked about the close rememblance between Sienna and Edie, also the clothing (black thights, big earrings, headbands, mini-dresses, stripes, animal print) and dark-lined eyes helped a lot. Here are some pictures I'd like to share with you all.

PS. If you're curious to read my thoughts about the movie... well, I wouldn't say it is a bad film, but there isn't anything great about it either. However, Sienna's acting was good, her gestures specially.

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6 comentarios:

Monica dijo...

I really like this movie, although it is really sad in some parts. I just love Edie.

Cathy Voyage dijo...

Sienna looks so good!

hippyhippychic dijo...

I love that film!
I like how mary-kate makes a little cameo in it (:
Edies relationship with bob dylan is portrayed well i think, whereas in the dylan film 'im not there' edie is portrayed horribly!

great blog btw
(: x


Anónimo dijo...

I agree with you on that assessment of the film.

Indy Jimenez dijo...

omg i love this movie, and i just saw it recently too!

Anónimo dijo...

The striped dress is epic !!