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Sonia Rykiel: Resort 2010

Quite a colourful collection by Sonia and her daughter, Nathalie. It has a childish vibe in some of the outfits, which I completely fall for. Silk trousers, bowler hats and boyfriend blazers: I think I'll never get bored of seeing those around.

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3 comentarios:

BNJMYN dijo...

man these looks are crazy cool, so chic and ready to wear! Looks like an inspiration for topshop aswell but obviously way better.

Anónimo dijo...

I ain't saw that before !
It's definitely not my style, but very joyful.
And I wish I owned that garçon manqué pullover...

Indy Jimenez dijo...

i love all these looks, very vintage, yet still modern.