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Wardrobe: It's On With Alexa Chung.

Although I don't watch her show, I do actually check what she wore in each episode. Wait a minute... actually, I did watch it once (online). It was a Daniel Radcliffe interview, she made him wear a wig (remember that clearly).

PS. Somebody asked about Alexa's last dress and yes, it is from Lover.

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7 comentarios:

Rita dijo...

Me encanta el último look, y el primero. Jaja, Daniel, amor de mi vida <3 Jajaja.

Ale. dijo...

Alexa tiene un estilo muy interesante, pero me gustaba más cuando salía en la televisión inglesa.

Me encanta ver su programa via mtv.com, la mayoría de sus entrevistas son super entretenidas y graciosas.


BNJMYN dijo...

i'm glad that she is mostly over her granny chic look, although she still has those cardigans, it's a lit fresher and not so frumpy


Me encanta el último vestido!

Imelda dijo...

I love her style!

Vanessa dijo...

what i love is her taste in shoes. i would sell my soul to the devil to own her shoes!

rossovelvet dijo...

Gooood I envy her so much !
I see the vids on mtv.com usually !